..magic is back, but not on the flat screen. Live performances, especially the very intimate styles known as close up and parlor magic, are red hot. What is different about the current prestidigitation craze is that it features increasingly upscale performances and attracts a hipper, more sophisticated audience ……………………………………………..the CW networks’ Masters of Illusion, now in its fourth season, just spawned a live Vegas show. Masters of Illusions, Las Vegas: Masters of Illusion began as a television series, most recently on the CW network for the past four seasons, and just made the leap to the live stage. It just opened two weeks ago and I saw it in previews. This production takes a very different approach, with an ensemble cast of five renowned magicians, who alternate or cooperate in a rapid-fire, fast paced series of tricks with little banter, mixing small scale sleight-of-hand and card tricks with grander Vegas-style illusions such as a disappearing helicopter and Lamborghini, as well as classic levitation and sawing a woman in half. Masters of Illusion is a perfect choice for those craving more spectacle, held in the world-famous Jubilee Theater at Bally’s Las Vegas.